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Not Brooklyn
The Habit
Lincoln Has Won

The Habit - Not Brooklyn - Lincoln Has Won (2011)

Just introduced to this tune from The HabitThink: Neko Case, Steve Earle, X/Knitters, The Low Anthem.

Nice album to dive into on a pretty chill Saturday morning. 

From the artists: “‘Lincoln Has Won’ songwriters and guitarists Will Croxton and Brian Mendes patch tales of life, death, redemption and failure amidst dueling structures, ideals and returns— aided by one of the great breakthrough vocalists of 2011, Siobhan Glennon.”

Just picked up the album and looking forward to diving in some more…

Learn about The Habit stream more tunes, purchase the album and get more info on the band via their website and myspace (more tunes to stream on the latter…)

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