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Everything For Free
Gregory and the Hawk
Come, Now

Gregory and the Hawk - Everything For Free - Come, Now (2012)

Love. L.o.v.e. LOVE this song.

Meredith Godreau is Gregory and the Hawk. While she collaborates with a number of her musician friends, her musical creations are distinctly her own.

Delightful, lovely, muted, subtle, emotive, complex may be used to describe her style of writing and music. Her albums are at once heart-wrenching and poignant and cause one to undergo a wide spectrum of feelings. Quite often it leaves one feeling overwhelmed (at least this guy…) That is what makes Meredith Godreau and Gregory and the Hawk endearing.


A wonderful listen in the wee hours of the morning, during a tranquil afternoon or on a quiet evening. Whenever you feel that need…..

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